I'm so excited...it's here! I have finally got my website up and running. Whilst pulling everything together for this I had to revisit a site I started back when I made the decision to become a full time creative again. The journey I have been on in the last year and a half is crazy, and I wanted to share this original blog post to highlight this. I sounded so nervous and daunted, but I hope you agree that the work on this new site shows I overcame those nerves and I am now proud to say... I am an Illustrator!

March 15th 2017 Its all a bit scary!

So... this is me starting out. Well I say starting out, I had a fairly successful stint as a surface pattern designer way back in the 90s after graduating from college. 5 years of selling illustrative designs to the Japanese and North American markets until, fuelled by the uncertainty of freelancing I made the move into Visual Merchandising.

15 years, 3 jobs, 1 wedding and 1 baby later I'm in need of a more flexible lifestyle that suits family life. The demands of a mobile job in retail were never going to work for me now, so here I am embarking on a career revival! Its time to sharpen those pencils, dust off the paintbrushes, get my luddite head around photoshop, and reignite the creative spark that I know I still have inside me...

Watch this space, as I search for my signature handwriting and create Hutton Powell Illustration!


You can't make an Omelette without breaking eggs!

Just to remind myself that not everything I do will be perfect / ground breaking / make my fortune!