Staring at the blank page...


As a freelancer who is still establishing herself the hardest thing can often be finding inspiration for personal pieces of work. That portfolio won't fill itself, and if you aren't working on a commission where does a brief come from and how do you generate ideas and stay motivated? The truth is there is inspiration all around us, the tricky bit is spotting it in the everyday.

I was thinking about this recently as I sat staring at a blank sketchbook page... and remembered how a few years ago at a point when I hadn't drawn anything for pleasure for a long time, a friends daughter playing in our garden caught my imagination so much that I had to get the sketchbook out. Funny how one little spark of an idea can trigger something much bigger.

This sketch lead me to more and more drawing, which in turn gave me the confidence to sign up for the first course I had done in years! This course at UAL was my first foray into childrens book illustration and this one sketch was the starting point for learning how to develop a character with spark and personality. 

And even now that my direction has changed and moved towards a more editorial style, I still think that one piece of inspiration is what started my illustration journey. So big thanks to (who was at that point) the littlest Hatt x