My personal digital revolution!

As a self confessed luddite, my adoption of any form of digital art has been at a (very lazy) snails pace. I spent many years resisting the urge to join seemingly everyone else in their rush to adopt new technologies for their creative practices, preferring instead to stick to traditional methods and materials. I did eventually embrace photoshop as a way of manipulating these hand drawn pieces, but never had the desire to take the next step and actually draw digitally too. I felt nothing could replace the tactile quality of paper and pencil.

That was until I bit the bullet and cautiously treated myself to a certain fruit based tablet and pencil (‘other drawing tablets are available’) and…. WOW I was hooked!

I was amazed at how intuitive it was to use, and how liberating it is to know that everything you do is also ‘undoable’! As I talked about in my last blog, the blank page can be daunting, but no more! How freeing it is that with one tap you can delete that last stroke of the brush. The process has totally transformed my workflow too. No more (well very little) laborious scanning and retouching of images, I can just crack on with creating the final piece.


And so, I have just completed my first totally digital piece for a brilliant client who commissioned an illustrated map of the beautiful Santa Catalina in Palma. The flexibility of so easily being able to edit as the deign developed made the whole process a dream and meant I could react to the clients requests as we went along. The research trip to Mallorca was of course a tough gig, but you always have to take the rough with the smooth don’t you…